Steps To perform the Conversion Process

If you are looking for an immediate solution to convert Lotus Notes NSF to PST then this software is an excellent choice as it provides simple user-interface, you can convert NSF file to PST file in few quick steps.

  1. Launch the application & select Browse to start the conversion of NSF files

    How to migrate Lotus Notes to MS Outlook

  2. Then Click on Open button after choosing the desired NSF file

    Choose NSF File

  3. Go with second given Browse tab to convert Names.nsf file

    Browse Name.nsf file

  4. After selecting the contact file further click on Open button

    Open to Load Names.nsf FIle

  5. Check the box Migrate Contacts into separate PST file to store contact in different file

    Check to Migrate Contacts into separate PST file

  6. Selection of Export Selected Folder exhibits following screen, choose the essential folders to export and click on Apply

    Select Folders to Export

  7. The tool provide various Filters to export specific data from various folders. Apply the needed filters

    Apply Filters

  8. The identical contacts can be eliminated during conversion by checking the option Exclude Duplicate Contacts

    Check tto Exclude Duplicate Contacts

  9. Choose the properties on the basis of which identical contacts are removed and next click on Apply

    Select Properties to Exclude Contacts

  10. Advance Settings option shown in the software screen aid to convert NSF database with more accuracy

    Apply Advance Settings Option

  11. Here check the boxes to retain formatting, doc links and header properties. To export All Document data check the box

  12. Selection of Set SMTP option benefits in the conversion of NSF canonical names

  13. For the mapping of NSF folders with PST, go with Customer Folder Mapping option

  14. The tool also offer new feature to break the output PST file in required size

  15. In the last click on Export tab to convert Lotus Notes database

  16. After entire migration software generate the CSV report of converted files. Click on OK to exit

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